Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Resolutions: Dietary

Dietary: During the holidays, a TON of treats were made, and a ton more were given to us as gifts. Most of the treats weren't up to par with our new eating habits, and we are having a hard time going back... they just tasted soooooo good! So, going back to our pre-holiday eating habits is the biggest resolution.

This means:
No white refined sugar (Click here to read why)
No white bleached or unbleached flour or white rice- basically switching over to brown grains (Click here to read why)
No high fructose corn syrup in our house! (Click here to read why)
No chemicals/fillers/additives- with the purpose of trying to only eat "real food" (Pick any boxed food in your pantry and see if you actually know what every listed ingredient is and its purpose- if you don't- google it... I guarantee you will be surprised, and probably sickened.)
Also, check out this recent post on Yahoo Health about the hidden chemicals/additives in food.
And some new goals:
No canned veggies (unless they're BPA free) (Click here to read why- or google it yourself and find millions of sites about it)
Dining out limited to once a week (not only for health purposes, but also to allow more family time at home... and our bank account will appreciate it too!)

Another goal will be to slowly switch over to strictly organic produce and grass fed/organically raised meat. Hopefully, we will be completely switched over by the end of 2011, but this is something we still have a lot of research to conduct and with a baby coming in a few short months, I'm not sure how much time I will have to find the local hot spots and search for sales/bargains :).

 (A picture of Pea, all decked out in the girliest fashions)
(And Grunt... all decked out in his favorite fashion- nakey!)
Check this out if you need some baby steps to being healthier in the kitchen.


Cassandra said...

I SUPER like this!!!! do you know about the "dirty dozen"? basically it is a slower transition helper for organic produce. it tells you which foods to make a priority as far as buying organic is concerned. I keep a list in my wallet of the "safe" and "unsafe" foods.

Stultz Family said...

Yup... it's saved in my phone as a text, lol. For some reason I just can't seem to remember all of them. :)