Friday, October 14, 2011

He will never be potty "train"ed

While at Target in the undies/socks aisle, Grunt sees a package of Thomas the Tank Engine undies...
Grunt: "I NEEEEEEED Thomas! Mama- Look THOMAS!"
Me: "Those are Thomas undies- if you're going to have Thomas undies, you have to poop and pee on the potty."
Grunt: "Ok! I poop on potty."
Me: "You can't poop on Thomas. Thomas doesn't like being wet or dirty."
Grunt: ::giggle:: "I poop on Thomas face. Funny."  ::LAUGH::
Me: "No, we don't poop on Thomas's face. That's not nice or funny."
Grunt: "Yes, funny."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Delaware County Fair

After apple picking, we decided to go ahead and make a day of it and head to the Delaware County Fair. Last year, we went to the Richwood Fair (post here), and the kiddos loved it. This year was no different. Grunt and Pea had so much fun running around, looking at the animals, eating fair food, playing games, and riding rides! It is going to be even more fun next year when all 3 of the kids can enjoy in the fair fun! Here are some pics of our fun family day!
Grunt just kept calling the sheep horses or dogs... we really need to move out to the country ;)
Grunt wasn't too sure about the pony.

Pea petting the calf.
Grunt loved moo-ing at the cows... after he stopped barking at them.
Daddy and his big kids
Pea and her first fair ride- she LOVED it!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apple Picking- 2011

For the last 3 years, we've gone to Fruit-ful Acres (a local you-pick) to enjoy some family fun picking apples. This year was the first year I wasn't pregnant! YAY! It's so much nicer to go apple picking when you don't want to curl up under the apple tree and take a nap. We were surprised to find that they had some pear trees that were still producing, so we got some pears and a ton of apples. With Munchie and Grunt still being little, we decided to turn all of the apples into applesauce. So, easy peasy, a bushel worth of apples turned into applesauce is sitting in our deep freeze. Look for a post featuring my favorite recipes that use applesauce coming in the next week... or so. But, for now, enjoy these pics! And to see how much my kiddos have grown, check out last year's apple picking post here.

 Mommy and Munchie- 6 months old already!
 My sweet Pea- loves her apples
 Munchie screamed and threw the biggest fit when we took his apple away! So cute :)
 Grunt- too busy eating his 100th apple to smile
 Pa showing Grunt how to twist the good apples off the tree.
Grandma and the family- Pa was taking the picture... next year we need to have someone else take it :)