Saturday, January 8, 2011

Resolutions: Physically and Relationally

Next up on my New Year's Resolution list are two that seem to constantly be pushed to the back-burner... but really should be first and foremost! So, here's to working on these :).

Relationally (Hubby and I): After the birth of our first two kiddos, it seemed like FOREVER before the hubby and I went out on a date... We are going to make sure that we go out on dates (Even if it only means 1 hour to a coffee shop around the corner when the baby is tiny) at least once a month. We are even going to write it on the calendar so that we can track it. Our relationship needs this time alone and we are going to continue to focusing on ways strengthen our marriage.

Physically: I REALLY need to remember to take my daily vitamins. Between the hubby and me, the kiddos always receive theirs, the hubby remembers to take his, but I NEVER remember to take mine! This is especially important seeing that it's cold/flu season and I'm preggers. The last thing I want is to be run down and depleted, and then catch a miserable bug. So, in spite of my crazy nesting urges, I'm going to leave all of my vitamins out on the counter (Blasphemy), in hopes that seeing them constantly- irritating me because they aren't in their "home"- will help me to remember to take them!

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