Friday, October 1, 2010

Appreciation Fridays

I totally stole this idea from a friend.... But, every day, I am going to write down something that I appreciate, and share it with you on Fridays. So, here's week 1!

Saturday 9/25/10- family games-  Today we all packed up and went to a corn hole tournament with friends from church... so fun. and it was so special to watch my babies and their cousins work and learn together playing a new game. I could see their little brains just moving and working... so special. So, thanks to cornhole, I have a great memory with my family.

Sunday 9/26/10- Covenant!!! When we first moved back to Ohio, we church hopped and then stayed at a church, even though we knew it wasn't going to be our church home. We liked the church and the people, and we had ties to it, but it wasn't for us. We didn't know why God didn't just place us in a church, why he didn't make it known to us where we were supposed to go. We just both felt like we were supposed to be content where we were, and to be patient. Well, God was getting us ready for Covenant Church and getting Covenant Church ready for us. It is amazing what God is doing in our community through Covenant, but even more so, it is amazing what he is doing in my family. Covenant has saved our marriage... strengthened it to a place it's never been before. God speaking through our pastor has grown our faith and our knowledge to a new level. I appreciate Covenant, and all that God is doing in them. The passion is contagious!

Monday 9/27/10- rainy days. It seems like God gives us a rainy day when we need it. The day to stay in your pjs and watch movies and play games with the kids. Today, I let the kitchen stay messy and focused on my kiddos and myself. It was so nice. Rainy days may not be the greatest to run around in (well, at least not toting 2 kids) but, they sure are good for staying inside and ignoring everything else.

Tuesday 9/28/10- Today is an easy one- I appreciate Grunt. Today's his birthday... one year old already. I can't believe it. I appreciate his smile, his laugh, all his sweet noises. I love that he tries to really connect with everyone he sees. I know, sounds weird... but it's true. He is one of those babies that looks you straight in the eye and listens to you when you talk, and responds with some sound at all the appropriate times. He snuggles and loves on you when you're sad, and he laughs and is silly when you're happy. He is one little in-tune kid. He changed my life... I don't even want to think about where I would be if I didn't have him. I love my Grunt more than I ever knew was possible.

Wednesday 9/29/10- my crockpot- put in dinner, forget about dinner for about 6-8 hours, come back to perfectly cooked dinner, everytime... enough said.

Thursday 9/30/10- Lydia. I appreciate that you have stuck with me through the good, bad, and the ugly... you have been there, seen it all, and come out with me on the other side. You have helped me grow into the person I am today. You have seen my short comings and haven't judged me or held it against me. You have been there, listening, caring, sharing, and putting me in my place when I needed it. I appreciate you, and love you. Here's to many more years.... with less drama!

Friday 10/1/10-radio contests- A friend of ours recently won tickets to "A Weekend to Remember"... and then realized that she and her hubby had prior plans. So, she offered up the tickets, and Nathaniel and I get to go! We are very, very excited! So, because of free radio contests, we get to go to a conference, to strengthen our bond, friendship, and our marriage. We can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

You are too cute!!! Love you too!! Have soo much fun at a Weekend to Remember!!! (It's Lyd I still can't figure out how to comment on this thing right lol)