Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pea is getting so big!

We've enrolled Pea in preschool! The curriculum we purchased about a year ago for preschool just wasn't all that it cracked up to be. Basically, it was just reading stories.... not enough to be called "preschool" for me. When I think of preschool, I think of handwriting, learning the phonics basics, Bible lessons and stories, projects, crafts, thematic units, etc. This curriculum had NONE of that. So, while we were going through the curriculum, I spent a lot of time supplementing and creating my own activities to go along with the curriculum. The hard part wasn't just all of the time spent on the prep-work, thinking, planning, material collecting, etc., the hard part was that there didn't seem to be a connecting theme/thought/idea for each day or week of the curriculum. So, I scrambled to make things flow together, it wasn't seamless, but it worked okay. So, now that we're (finally!) done with the curriculum, the hubs and I have decided to send Pea to preschool two, 1/2 days a week. It's only about 5 hours a week, but she is very, very excited!!! Everytime we leave the house, she requests to drive by her school so she can look at it and talk about the playground or her classroom. I'm so excited that she is this energetic about school!
Also, in addition to preschool, DH and I have decided that we are going to "co-teach" Pea throughout the week as she asks. Having the hubs involved will be so important, because come this spring, I won't be doing much school with Pea, so it'll be good for her to be used to doing school with daddy. The plan (As of right now) is to use the theme of the week at her new preschool and extend it at home. I'm very excited to not have to do so much of the thinking and planning, but, on the other hand, it has been very fun to be teaching again. I miss it so much! Maybe after this babe is here and grown somewhat, we'll try the homeschooling thing again. Pea has loved it, and it's been so wonderful to have time focused directly on each child during the day. Grunt and I have been working on body parts and speech, in general. He loves the time, but who knows what he's really learning, lol.
Pea has a countdown until school starts... it's coming so soon!!! Sept 7! Pics to come of her first day of school outfit and her new bookbag :)

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Andrea D. said...

This is weirdly similar to our family! We've done the curriculum at home the past year and now decided to send him to preschool 6 hours a week and do extra at home and consider homeschooling again in a few years! Good luck with everything!