Friday, May 21, 2010


Pea and I have been "doing school" for a while now, but we were lax on it for the last couple months, and just now have been really digging into it. Today, we talked about all that God created- and she was most interested in day/night/light/dark. So, after a while, we started discussing shadows. We experimented with making shadows for a while, then Pea said the most amazing thing, "Mommy, why is there always some dark? Even when the lights are on so bright?" I asked her what she meant. She said, "There's always a something that's dark, even when the sun is shining all yellow on me."

This made me start thinking spiritually. Darkness is always present, even when there's light. Darkness follows the light- it's always there- a shadow, a corner, under the bed, hidden areas. But the darkness is more dramatically present the brighter the light. This makes me think of two things- 1. The brighter, the more you shine, the more light you bring to this world- this exposes the darkness- and it makes a clear distinction between the two. 2. No matter how bright, darkness is always present. Even when God himself came down as Jesus... and Jesus was the Light to the world... Darkness was present. Satan tempted Christ, and even followed him around.

Shadows are a great portrayal of our lives. We walk the straight and narrow, doing what we are called to do, being a light unto the world, yet shadows are all around us... lurking, trying to take over the light, trying to be noticed. The problem is... the shadows seem so much more interesting than the light.

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