Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our New Laundry Detergent

Now that the last of the store-bought, commercially-made fabric softener and laundry detergent are gone, we have started making our own!

Here's the recipe for the laundry detergent...
1 bar Fels Naptha Laundry Soap
2 cups Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
2 cups Borax

1. Grate up the bar of Fels Naptha, or put it in a food processor. We chose to grate it because the kids were asleep and it seemed like a good idea to keep them that way. :)

2. Mix all ingredients together and store in air-tight container. We used two separate containers, to allow for easy storage in our little laundry cabinets.

3. Use 2-3 Tablespoons per load, depending on how heavily soiled.

We are using distilled white vinegar as our fabric softener- and our clothes are actually softer after using it for a week! The vinegar smell goes away as the clothing dries, I promise... Now, I just have to figure out a way to get around our pesky HOA rules about no clothes lines. I really want a clothes line.

A couple pictures of my kiddos, because they are just so cute.

I love his hair... it looks like a chia-pet. Bless his heart ;)

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