Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing the Mountains

Oh, how I miss the mountains of Tennessee. Boo on dreary, depressing, rainy, cloudy, stormy, grey, and ugly Ohio. I love and miss everything about Tennessee. I miss our church, I miss our friends, I miss being able to meet the babies that have been born, I miss my job, I miss my students, I miss watching them graduate, I miss the heat, I miss the mild winters, I miss the slow pace of life, I miss the southern accent, I miss the curvy roads, I miss seeing orange everywhere. In all reality, there isn't anything about Tennessee that I don't miss! I can't wait to move back- especially today. The constant rain is driving me crazy. It's depressing... weather in Ohio is just awful. At least when the heat in Tennessee becomes unbearable, you can drive into the mountains and enjoy the cool breeze and shade from the trees; or there is always a stream or river to jump in to cool off. There just isn't anything like that here--- or it's not conveniently located. Where we lived in Tennessee, we could be anywhere we wanted to be in 30 minutes or less. I am missing it terribly today!
Pea and Grunt have never been in the mountains. I can't wait until we can take a vacation to Tennessee and show them the beautiful land that God created. Today is a day where I wish I could rewind... rewind to two years ago, and decide not to move.

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