Monday, April 12, 2010

Cloud Dough

It was a lazy Sunday morning. Daddy had gone mountain biking with a friend, leaving us to fend for ourselves for the day. So, once we had exhausted the normal toys and games, (realizing that it had only been 45 minutes) I decided that we should make something to play with. I would rather have sown a toy with Pea, letting her help pick the fabric and the pattern, but Grunt wouldn't allow it. So, I strapped him on with the Mei Tai and got out an old church cook book. I found this recipe for "Cloud Dough". Supposedly much lighter than play dough and a different consistency. Well, It was fun... but not much different than play dough, I don't think. But, the experience was more fun since we got to make it ourselves.

Materials- Mixer, 3 cups flour, 1/2 cup water (mix food coloring in water), 3/4 cup oil
Directions- Mix everything together... that simple
It looks pretty cool and chunky for a while... I was thinking, wow, this might be really cool!
But, then, it turned out to be pretty much like homemade play dough. Oh well, it was still fun, and it occupied Pea for a while.

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