Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ultrasound Pics!

Today was the "official" ultrasound... (Thanks to my sister and my friend Lydia for each taking a kiddo during my appointment) and it was great! Everything looks perfect. Nipper is measuring right on target, and weighs about 1 lb already. The ultrasound equipment was so much clearer than my previous two babes, so it was fun seeing this babe's sweet face so clearly. And, let me tell you... it is such a sweet face! Momma's doing great as well. The scale actually said that I've gained 1 lb, so we're happy about that. The pics always look a little goofy, but I'll post them anyway. Nathaniel and I are very excited to meet this little one in a few short months. Lots to do to prepare for the arrival! But, for now, we're content to let him/her grow and get big and strong!

No, Nipper's not blowing a bubble, the "bubble" is just movement as the picture was being taken. Profile pic.
 Facial pic... little alien :) you can also see a hand. Baby just wouldn't be still long enough to get great pics.

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