Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Updates on the Kiddos

Pea has her first field trip this afternoon! She is so excited! Nathaniel is taking off work early to be able to take her and to have special time with her. They are going to a local pumpkin patch to do all sorts of fun fall things with her preschool class. She is loving preschool, and wishes she could go every day! She can write most of her letters, knows most of the sounds, and can point all of them out and say whether they're capital or little. She loves school, and is growing into such a little lady.

Grunt is all boy- just big, loud, and messy! He makes every strange noise known to man, and is just the happiest kid around. He is officially eating us out of house and home--- he's eats his own portion of food, the rest of Pea's, then some of mine! He has started singing along to certain songs that he knows, and dances to the rest.

Baby #3- Thanks to my mom, we were able to get a sneak peak at baby #3. This past Sunday, Mom, Pea, and I got to see a healthy, long, moving-all-over-the-place baby. Baby was sucking their thumb and fingers, and was just flipping and wiggling all over the place. We aren't finding out the gender, and we aren't telling names... but we sure are excited to be able to see the baby that will officially put outnumber us.

That's all we have for now... more updates to follow :)

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