Sunday, October 31, 2010

1/2 Way Done!

This past week was the magical **20 week** mark! We are now 1/2 way done cooking baby #3. I know I promised weekly updates on the pregnancy, but there hasn't been anything interesting to post about. So, here's the update... No weight gain, but starting to get a belly. Baby kicks AAALLLL the time! Nathaniel felt that baby kick for the first time on Saturday, October 30. No weird cravings, and nothing really out of the ordinary day-to-day routine. I think that by having Grunt and this babe so close together, it's hard to focus on the pregnancy, or, honestly, to even remember that I'm pregnant half the time. Days go by that I don't think about the baby I'm carrying, but only for my two sweet babes that I already have in my arms. Pea seems to be much more interested in this baby than she was in Grunt, and Grunt is very interested in babies, so I think it'll be great :)  Super fun news... this Tuesday, Nathaniel and I will be able to see the wee one again... it's time for an ultrasound! YAY! So, we will have another preggo update later on this week. But, to tide you over until then, here are a couple mid-way pics of the belly.

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