Monday, September 20, 2010

Mealtime Mondays!

Actually on a Monday this week! Thanks to my Dad and Uncle, my computer is now (kinda) fixed... and I can actually blog! YAY! So, thanks to them for letting me borrow a nice 22" flat screen monitor to view my computer on since my screen is gone forever. :)
Here's the plan!

Monday- Since we had Grunt's bday party yesterday (one of them) we are left with an abundance of hamburgers. Sadly, all of the hotdogs are gone, otherwise we would be having beenies and weenies... yum! But, we are left with a bunch of burgers and no desire to eat another hamburger. So, it's either Hamburger Goulash, Salisbury Steak, or Hamburger Stroganoff. I should really figure it out soon, since it's already 11 on Monday morning. I'll update it when I figure out what we're having :)

Tuesday- Chipotle Beef Burritos

Wednesday- Taco Bar

Thursday- Marinated Chicken with grilled veggies

Friday- Date Night (Thanks to our good friend Jara!)

Saturday- Lunch- Leftovers or soup and grilled cheese
Dinner- Mandarin Orange Chicken with Egg Rolls

Sunday- Mathias's birthday with the hubby's side of the family- Pasta Bar

Recipe of the week: Mandarin Orange Chicken with Egg Rolls
1. Put on clothes and shoes.
2. Get in car, turn car on, and drive to Trader Joe's.
3. Pick up a couple bags of Mandarin Orange Chicken.
4. Pick up a bag of Egg Rolls.
5. Proceed to check-out and pay for your food.
6. Drive home
7. Cook according to package directions
8. Eat and Enjoy!!!
This is seriously the best packaged/semi-good for you chinese food that we have ever had. It rivals take-out and soooo much cheaper!


Stultz Family said...

Salisbury Steak it is! with mashed potatoes or maybe roasted potatoes... geesh, too many decisions today!

Deni said...

Well, that mandarin orange chicken sounds super easy!

Stultz Family said...

HA! The easiest meal of the week! And even easier because I already have it in the freezer, lol. :)