Saturday, July 3, 2010

Year of the Brat

So, terrible 3's are definitely worse than terrible 2's... Pea goes from happy, smiley, and giggling to crying, pouting, and whining in .000001 seconds. It's ridiculous. It's like she's pre-pubescent... 12, instead of 3. One minute she's my sweet girl, laughing and playing; and the next minute she's losing it, crying over a whole lot of nothing. She has also mastered the art of back-talking. Now, I'm sure that this is all payback for me back-talking my parents... because I was the queen of it. But, either way... it's irritating when my 3 year old can cause me to stare at her, speechless and dumbfounded. Here's the convo from today:

Me: Now that we are home, I want you to go inside and sit in timeout.
Pea: Do you forgive me for being naughty?
Me: Yes, I do forgive you.
Pea: Are you happy with me?
Me: I am always happy with you, but I am NOT happy with your actions and how you behaved today. It is not okay to whine, cry, and throw fits at Mommy.
Pea: (thinks for a moment) Hum.... oh well, that's okay that you're not happy with me. I don't care. (Prances off)
Me: left standing there speechless and dumbfounded....

Arg... now, for those of you sitting there reading this, close your mouth... we took care of it- and she cares now. I just couldn't believe that came out of her. Well, I'm sure that there will be a whole lot more of that over the next 20 years... especially if it's payback.

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