Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parenting Soapbox

Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 10:23 that, "'Everything is permissible', but not everything is beneficial. 'Everything is permissible', but not everything is constructive." This is applicable in EVERY area of life! My latest gripe... parents treating their children as if they are little adults. Just so you're clear- they aren't little adults... they are children. They don't have a clue! It is our job to help them grow and learn and make the correct decisions when they are young. It is our responsibility to make sure that they are learning right from wrong, and good from bad. We, the parents, have to answer to the Heavenly Father about how we raise our children. Our neighbors/friends/family/acquaintances who make comments about how we raise/discipline/punish/teach our children do not have to answer for those decisions- we do. So, in all honesty, who cares what everyone else says about your parenting methods. As long as you prayerfully raise your children, and you make every effort to bring them up to be godly people, then you are doing your job.

So, to get on my soapbox, how can parents, who love their children, who want the best for them, who want them to grow up to be godly men and women, step aside and watch them make horrible choices without voicing their concern or correcting their behavior? How do parents get to the point where they just don't care what their children do, thinking, at least they're not doing drugs, or killing someone. Okay... that's all fine and good, I'm glad that they're not killing someone as well. But, here's the problem. As Christians (and honestly, many parents who aren't Christians agree with this) we are supposed to choose the best out of life. When faced with a choice, even when there isn't a definite "Bad", we should choose the best... not the good, or the better, but we are to choose the BEST.

I know, so easy for me to say, just barely started in my parenting years. I'm not writing this to judge others, but to encourage them to revamp their lives, revamp their views, and renew their strength. I also want this to serve as a reminder to me, so when I become lax and lazy with my parenting, that it will renew my strength and help me to carry on. Now, I also know that there comes a time when kids have to make their own decisions, but I strongly feel that if you allow them to make their own decisions, and they make a bad one, that shows you that they're not ready for that kind of freedom... they need you, the parent, to make the right decision for them (whether they like it or not).

The important thing is only putting good into our hearts and minds. The old adage stands true, "garbage in, garbage out." Scripture doesn't say, 'don't watch that movie', or 'don't play that game', or 'don't buy that pair of jeans'. But, it does remind us that not everything is beneficial or constructive. We are to live our lives to honor Christ, and this includes raising our children. So, make sure that your house is not just choosing the best out of the bad options, but choosing the best, and honoring Christ in all that we do.

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