Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alien Child

Scene 1- 3 children playing nicely at the train table.
quiet murmerings of train noises and happy kid sounds....
playing continues, trains crash, children laugh.
Scene 2- enter 3 additional kiddos to the train table, for a total of 6 toddlers.
Crashing, train noises, happy kid sounds continue....
Tiny blonde girl starts to get a little frustrated with her friends.
Scene 3- enter 2 additional kiddos to the train table, for a total of 8 toddlers.
While 7 toddlers play happily at the train table, with continual crashes, bridges breaking, trains chugging, one little blondie begins to freak out.
Blondie runs in to the mommy area furiously wiping her arms and legs with her hands, as if she were covered in bugs.
Blondie says hysterically while sobbing, "MOMMY!!!!!!! I'M COVERED IN FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! MY FRIENDS ARE AAAAAAAALLLLLLL OVER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FRIENDS ARE COVERING ME!!!!!!"

Yes, blondie in this story is Pea. What a kid... geesh. In this instance, she doesn't get it from her momma. She must be an alien... and alien with a huge personal bubble. The problem is, most toddlers don't believe in personal space, and they see her as the "the weak link, the runt, the one who must be pecked out...", so they hassle her and enjoy making her crazy with their closeness. All I can do is laugh... is that mean????

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