Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have been thinking a lot lately about a family creed/family verse/family theme... something along those lines. While doing all of this thinking, I decided that I want it to be focused on JOY. I love all of the laughter that happens in our home. It seems as though there is constant laughter and smiles in our home lately, and I keep praising God for all of the joy that he has brought us. Whether it's our friends coming over and spending time, or the kids laughing at eachother, joy is in abundance... as it should be, since we have the ultimate provider of joy as the leader of our lives!
With these thoughts in mind, I have started a "study" of all of the verses in the Bible that have the word JOY in them. When Nathaniel and I were dating, I went through the concordance and wrote, in my nicest handwriting, every verse in Bible that had the word Love in it. The book that I ended up writing was massive! My hand hurt so much when I was finished, but it was worth it. Now, I'm not interested in writing a "joy book", and I don't have the time to do so, even if I wanted to! But, I am so excited to feel led to study something. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me through this study.
So... keep checking the blog to see which verses have caught my eye and my thoughts on them. I hope that this study touches you as much as it has already touched me. I pray that you will see and be renewed by all of the joy that you have in your life.

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