Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

I guess the Sound of Music was on ABC Family a couple weeks ago- there was a preview for it on a several week old Gilmore Girls that I watched today. It started my thought process of my favorite things, and surprisingly (aside from my family and friends) most of my favorite things reside in my freezer--- or should! Honestly, our freezer is typically jam packed, while our fridge has condiments, milk, eggs, and produce. There typically isn't anything else in our fridge-- maybe leftovers? But out freezer holds great, wonderful, amazing things! Such as...

cheese- ALL cheese should be frozen, or burnt- I love burnt cheese, you know the leftover part on the casserole that you have to scrape off- yum!

butter- also frozen

icecream- specifically haggan dazs strawberry

reece's peanut butter cups- ALWAYS better frozen

mini candy bars- such as snickers- once again, better frozen

cake- after baking, smash up the cake, mix in a container of icing, form into balls, freeze, dip in chocolate, freeze, EAT. yum. My favorite way to eat cake. soooo much better frozen.

cake- icecream cake- frozen, otherwise it's a HUGE mess. preferably from DQ.

cookie dough- soooo good when broken into pieces and eaten frozen!

juice- much better as juice pops

I could go on and on and on about things in my freezer- It honestly holds "A few of my favorite things!" I know, random...

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