Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DRAMA Queen!

Pea- Mommy! There's a worm in my sandbox!
Me- Ok, Go pick it up and play with it.
Pea- (a couple minutes later) Mommy! The worm talked to me!
Me- Wow! That's great! What did it say?
Pea- Um, I don't know. Let me go talk to it again.
Couple minutes later.....
Pea- (screaming and crying) The worm said it was going to bite my head off and eat it for lunch!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaah!!!!! He's not a nice worm.
Me- (laughing)- It's too late for lunch, I think the worm was just being silly. Plus he's too small to eat your head. He might just nibble on your pinky toe.
Pea- (immediately stops crying) HUH? It's too late for lunch??? Silly worm!

um? My kid is so random. Bless her heart.

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Amy said...

snap like a crap... I like the new layout :)