Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Mommy said.....

Irritating! Frustrating! Infuriating! Aggravating!

Pea's new thing... lying... It makes me want to reason with my almost 3 year old... right, like that'll help.

Scenario 1:

Pea to Daddy- My mommy said that I could have fruit snacks for breakfast!
Daddy to Pea- Really? Can I ask Mommy if she said that?
Pea to Daddy- No, she's busy. Can you get me fruit snacks? The Barbie ones, they're my favorite.
Daddy to Pea- I'm going to go check with Mommy and see if she said that you could have fruit snacks for breakfast.
Pea- begins sobbing uncontrollably, NOOO Don't check with Mommy!
Daddy to Pea- Did you lie to me?
Pea to Daddy- I don't know..... (crickets chirping)

Scenario 2:
Pea to Mrs L- I already took a nap today!
Mrs L- looks at watch, noon. No, Pea, I don't think you did.
Pea to Mrs L- Yes I did.

And I can keep going!!!

It's driving me crazy! How do you stop this, and how do you control the mommy guilt when you feel uncertain that Pea understands what she's saying and doing? Now, I know that most of the time she does know exactly what she's doing and saying, but the times that I can't catch her in the lie, I don't know what to do.

Scenario 3:
Pea screaming and throwing a huge fit with Fish in the background crying....

Pea- Mommy, Fish took my toy, I had it FIRST!!
Fish- smiles and jabbers

What do you do? Who had it first? Who really gives a crap?? Arg, what to do???

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Amy said...

She most likely did steal it :)