Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Did It!

Within an hour, life, as I knew it, ended. My entire world came to a halt... all within an hour. Grunt said, "I did it!" Not once, not twice, not even thrice... but fourice (lol). For those of you who have wild toddlers, you are already laughing. Me, not so much. Pea was/is a pretty calm and quiet kid, so I had NO idea what I was getting myself into with Grunt. (and I'm guessing Munchie too). Back to the story.

The First "I Did It!"- I'm in Munchie's room, putting away laundry and I hear Grunt and Pea laughing and squealing. I leave the laundry to investigate- ready to have a heart warming picture of my two kids playing trains together and sharing so sweetly. WRONG. I walk in to find Pea in Grunt's crib helping Grunt climb out (which means that he had already climbed in!). Grunt, "Mami, I DID IT! My Climb!" NOT a picture I wanted to see.

The Second "I Did It!" - I move to our room to grab Pea's laundry and I hear "Mami, I DID IT!" coming from Munchie's room. Once again, leaving the laundry to investigate... I find Grunt ON TOP OF THE CHANGING TABLE- standing up, ready to jump off, just to make it even more fun for me. So, I take him down, tell him not to climb the furniture and CLOSE Munchie's door behind us. I put Grunt in his room to play while I finish the laundry.

The Third "I Did It!" - Pea and I were putting away her laundry, and I hear "I DID IT!" I almost started to laugh hysterically, or cry... who knows at that point- almost needing the looney bin. I walk into the hall and see Munchie's door- WIDE OPEN and Grunt back on top of the changing table. ::take note... my 1 year old can open doors. shoot me.::

The Fourth "I Did It!" - After the third "I did it" I sent the kids outside with Daddy. Only to have him tell me to look out the window at my 1 year old at the top of the pirate's ladder... which happens to be about 7 ft off the ground. SERIOUSLY???? Because I needed more to do and worry about during the day.

Who woulda thunk it... this sweet faced little man.... could be so wild!

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pgrover said...

Ahhhh finally...your blog is up and running! I have missed it so! I check it every Friday from work! Aunt P