Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trying to walk this kid out- to no avail...

This past weekend, the hubs and I decided to venture out in the rain/ice/snow to have one more fun weekend before the chaos and exhaustion set in with the new baby. So, we went to The Franklin Park Conservatory and Cosi on Saturday and tried walking this kiddo out... sadly I woke up Sunday morning just as pregnant as I was went I went to sleep. But, we had a wonderful family Saturday. Hope you enjoy the pics!

 Grunt loved the water!

 They both loved watching the fish- they didn't want to leave this exhibit.

 Where Nathaniel asked me to marry him :)

"Car- Go!" 

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Lindsey said...

Aww, great pictures! Sorry no baby, but you look so beautiful. :) Excited to hear your big news!! And to snuggle your baby. ;)