Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Candy Cane Oreo Truffles

I've had the normal Oreo Truffles/Oreo Balls, whatever you want to call them- and they're AMAZING! But, this year, I tried something different... Candy Cane Oreo Balls. The perfect mixture of mint and chocolate goodness. Sadly, Oreo only makes their candy cane/peppermint Oreos during the holidays... but here's the recipe!

Candy Cane Oreo Truffles
1 bag Candy Cane Oreos
1 brick cream cheese (8oz)
Chocolate (white or semi-sweet) for dipping
Peppermint Sprinkles

1. Crush up the whole bag of oreos. (I use my Kitchen Aid Mixer, so I don't have a big mess to clean up afterward :).)
2. Mix in the brick of cream cheese. (once again, using the mixer... I just let it mix forever)
3. Refrigerate for about an hour (This helps it stick together, not on your hands)
4. Roll into balls (we use our 1 Tbs scooper as a measure, then roll it into nice balls.)
5. Dip completely in melted chocolate
6. Sprinkle with Peppermint Sprinkles while chocolate is still wet
7. Allow to dry- we put ours back in the fridge/freezer.
8. EAT! :)

**These freeze very well-- we made extra last year just so we had some to eat for a couple months, lol**

Sometime soon I'll get on the ball and take pictures. Everyone's blogs look so beautiful with pictures on every post, but I just can't seem to remember to do it!


Amy said...

Sounds so good, maybe I need to do a hack with gluten free oreos and tofu "cream cheese".... or maybe I should just dream because as I type that I realize that sounds disgusting!

Stultz Family said...

Amy... I was with you until you said tofu cream cheese... yea, gross.