Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Thanks to the wonderful weather, (and the hubby sneaking out of work for a bit) we enjoyed a morning out at Circle S Farms with the kiddos and our friends, the Mishne's. It was a nice and sunny, but crisp morning out at the farm, and we all had a great time! Here are some pics of our adventure...

Pea says, "PEEK!"
Grunt loves watching the "dukkkkkk" (really geese)
AH! My sister is hugging me!!!
"I want this one! It makes a good drum!"
Daddy and his kiddos on top of the straw pyramid.
 Grunt LOVED the tractor, and threw the biggest fit ever when we took him off.
 In the straw barn
 Last year, it was Pea in his lap, this year it's Grunt, next year it'll be Nipper.
 Pea sliding down the "FAST ONE!"
 The world looks so much different from up here!
 Sweet, sleepy baby
 Grunt's pick... lol...
 In the straw maze.

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Lindsey said...

Love the pics! After we lost Cam, we found him on Grunt's little tractor. ;)