Monday, July 12, 2010

Protecting our most precious gift

While at Babies R Us I over hear a young man disciplining his 3 year oldish daughter. He says to her, "Why are you touching things? Didn't I tell you that if you touch things I will burn your fingers off and whip you with my belt?" I think I have whiplash from my head turning around so fast to look at the person who used such painful words to a child. I feel it's one thing to paddle your child, but a completely different thing to whip them. The emotions behind it are so different. The whole burning your fingers off is just child abuse. I couldn't believe it. Then, during this same shopping trip Pea whined a little when I told her that we weren't going to get a toy. This man had the audacity to tell me that she wouldn't whine at me if I took off my belt and whipped her with it. He said, "I have 5 kids, and they wouldn't dare whine at me. They know the consequences of that!" I picked Pea up, hugged her, and told the man that my child will obey me out of respect, not out of fear, and walked away. I kept hugging her and kissing her until she was completely over all the touchy-feely. Then I sat down with her and talked with her about punishment, discipline and consequences... as much as I could with a 3 year old. I just couldn't believe this man... I felt so sorry for his children. I wish I would have had the clarity to call 911 or DCS on him. It was a horrible day.
But, through this experience I was once again reminded of how our children are not ours, they are God's. He blesses us with them and trusts us to raise them for HIM. They are not ours! They are HIS! All the more reason that we need to protect them and raise them the best that we can. Why would you knowingly expose your child to pain or harm? The world will pollute their young minds enough, why would you want to add to it? We should be their safe haven, the place where they are protected and know that they are loved. Just as Christ is our sheild, so we should be our children's, as we teach them to love and depend on Jesus.

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