Monday, July 19, 2010

Pea's First Build A Bear!

We took a trip to Easton to spend some family time this past Sunday. It was such a wonderful day! Walking around, holding hands, doing a little shopping, no stressors or agendas. While we were walking around we found Yo-Goot and stopped off for some frozen  yogurt. It was SUPER-YUM! It was just like a place that we went to in Louisville that we both fell in love with. Both of the kiddos loved it too. The only problem is that Grunt ate half, if not more, of hubby's yogurt... he was NOT a happy camper when it was gone. (Grunt, I mean... although, hubby wasn't super thrilled either.) After our pitstop we decided we'd walk around and when we passed the Build-A-Bear Workshop Pea was ecstatic. Now, we've passed them a lot of different times at different places, but this was the first time that Pea really showed interest. So, we decided that we would give her a special treat and let her make her own bear. It was the highlight of our day. Seeing her so happy and so proud of what she made- it was wonderful! Then we ended our trip with some time in the fountains.

Here are some pics of Pea and new bear, Sophie.

A cute pic of the kids and daddy.
aaaaaaand a couple pics of the fountains- Grunt is a glutton for punishment!

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