Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting All Big

Here's an update on the kiddos:
Pea is growing up into such a little lady. All prissy and diva-ish. She loves to dance and listen to music, and doing the Taylor Swift hair flip is one of her new favorites. She also flits around in her ballerina outfit, pretty much daily. Her latest accomplishments are being able to pump herself on the swing (the new greatest day of my life!) and riding her tricycle around the neighborhood. She is very interested in things happening in and under water, and says she wants to be an "ocean person" when she grows up... but she doesn't want to have to touch the sharks. :) She is such a blessing, so sweet and tiny and cuddly. At her last check-up she weighed 24 lbs and was 39 inches tall! She also had her first pedicure, and actually picked a pretty color for her toes--- I was a little worried when she noticed the lime green ;).
Grunt is all boy! Bumps, bruises, noises, dirt, and more! He likes to run, not walk, while cruising around the furniture (hence the bumps and bruises) and still does his famous bear crawl. We don't think that he will ever actually crawl... and the bear crawl is super cute. His hair just keeps growing straight up, we won't cut it until he really starts to look like a rag-muffin. He jabbers ALL the time now, the nonsense gibberish along with Ma-ma, Da-da, Na-na (for Pea), nana (for banana), ba (for all food), this (only when he's holding something doing his funky wrist wiggle), ni-ni (for night-night), bye, and UH-OH... sometimes there are a few extra 'uh's in there. He is the happiest baby, and we are so blessed to have him! He also has his first tooth! and 4 more coming riiiiiight behind this one. Here's to hoping they come quickly and painlessly :) At his last check-up he weighed 23 lbs and was 29 inches tall!

My beautiful babies are getting soooo big!!! Thank you Lord for entrusting your little ones to me!

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