Friday, June 18, 2010

The End of Tim Ho's for Me

A terrible breakup....

Me: I'd like a Mocha Iced Capp and a Sour Cream Donut.
Lady: Okay. It'll be a minute.
Lady hands me a regular Iced Capp and a chocolate iced donut.
Me: I ordered a Mocha Iced Capp, and a sour cream donut..... this isn't my order.
Lady: The only difference between what I gave you is that the Mocha Iced capp has chocolate in it, and I the donut is still good.
Me: Um... I would like to have the chocolate in my capp please, that's why I ordered that, and I don't like this kind of donut.
Lady: You obviously like chocolate, why don't you want this donut?
Me: It's not what I ordered. Would you please get me a Sour Cream Donut and a Mocha Iced Capp?
Lady rolls eyes and walks to chocolate pump, puts 1 pump of chocolate into my iced capp and hands it back to me.
Me: Um, Shouldn't this be mixed up and have whipped cream on it?
Lady: I gave you a straw, you can mix it, and the whipped cream is extra.
Me: The picture shows it already mixed up with whipped cream.
Lady: That's the supreme. You didn't ask for the supreme.
Me: Okay, just give me the right donut and my drink please.
Lady: Whatever. (and hands me my Iced Capp -with one pump of chocolate, not mixed in, with no whipped cream and a sour cream timbit.)

The End....

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like absolutely terrible customer service. I think it would be a while before I went back there.