Friday, April 23, 2010

Nakey Boys and Playful Little Girls

One of our favorite times during the day is..... "Nakey time!" We learned how great this time can be from a friend. Grunt LOVES to be nakey, and Pea thinks it's funny to watch him pee all over the towel (yes, we have a towel down, I'm not interested in cleaning our carpets every day, or having them smell like urine). Pea likes to run around the house nakey, but after a couple minutes she gets cold and wants her clothes back on. Skinny kid... always cold. She even hates the pool on the hottest days of summer. Strange child. Anyway, here are some pics of the boys having their nakey time, and the girls playing in the pool.

Fish helping Pea up after the "Big Water Slide!"

Sweet faces!

Grunt and Puppy having nakey time outside.

So happy to be nakey!

Kinda like suma wrestling... or cage fighting. Either way, they're nakey and having fun poking and pushing each other.

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Lindsey said...

Great pics! The close-up of Pea and Fish is too cute.