Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trail Mix Family

For the last five days I've been picking my brain, completely bothered and comsumed by the need to devise a cool name for our new blog.

My thought process was something like this: We are a cool family, so we should have a cool name for our blog! All of my cool friends have cool names for their cool blogs; so, in the spirit of coolness, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and title it, "A Trail Mix Family".

Consider the spectrum of "greenness". There are people who would consider themselves a cereal bar. These people are mainstream, they do everything that is considered "normal". Then on the other end, there are those who consider themselves to be crunchy granola. We aren't at either extreme... I feel that we are close in the middle, perhaps a smidge closer to the crunchy granola- so I've titled us "Trail Mix". We have a little bit of the crunchy, but we like to keep the m&ms in there too.

Hope you enjoy our new blog!

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